A talk to remember

by - May 26, 2014


Last week I was up-ed a status on Facebook. Just to know the opinion and reaction from the people I know and to get some advice from the experiencer. Honestly thinking about future is really disturbing me. It makes me breath harder and deeper. Yeah, you know the future is not really something that you can play around and u should realize it's depend during your present time.

So, here is my status :

the story that I want to tell is when I was got to meet my auntie a few days ago and suddenly when I was holding her hand want to salam and say goodbai, she was telling me this :

"Fikir lah betul-betul, kalau rasa nak belajar lagi belajar lah, tapi ape yang Tehda boleh suggest, kerja lah dulu, cari pengalaman interview dulu...masuk tengok dunia industry macam mana..." 

I was so touched for her concerned toward me. She knows how to treat the youngest and she's very cares about very single of her family. May Allah bless you. 

For this time a while, let me focus on my project thesis first! 
Esok nak g senawang ambik gam. 
May Allah ease.

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