suddenly thought.

by - January 19, 2013

masa solat. 
suddenly, i thought something. 
*setan lah ni kacau aku*
my younger brother just finished his secondary school, 
had finished his SPM. 
so, now, he waits for his result.
and after dat, 
if he get good enough to continue his study,
maybe , maybe ,
he will goes somewhere else. 
maybe at diff country .
out of terengganu ?

what will happen next ? 
is he going to leave de mother and de grandma alone ?
both alone in the house ?
seriusly ?
without guardian ?
so scary.
even my late daddy never leave both of them alone. 

sesungguhnya Kau lah perancang terbaik.
rancangkan lah sebaik baik aturan buat kami. 
kami mohon berlindung dari Mu dari segala kejahatan.
dari segala panahan buruk dan sihir dari orang lain.


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