Things in March!

by - March 31, 2018


Hi Assalamualaikum.

Writing this at 1AM in the morning, yes, it's already passed my bed-time, but I am still need to grab my lappy and switch it on because I missed to blog so much! I skipped to write a lot of stories in March and today is already the last day in March - oh wait not anymore, today is the first day in April, but whaaatttt! I had only a few entries written in March. A lot of things happened in this month till I didn't have a proper chance to update my stories. My head is a little bit dizzy right now because I accidentally took an extra shot of caffein. I bought a large cup of Starbucks at noon and at night the waiter placed me a wrong order. I got NESCAFE AIS instead of Tea Ais. Two times of caffien in a day Huarggh!

Today Yesterday - as a new day already step in- I was chilling around Najihah. I got no plan to carry out so I just randomly asked her to meet up. I planned to have a movie but since she had a work to do, so we were just chilling around cafes, eating, talking and laughing together. That was better than lying on the bed.

Went to Klang & Najihah treated me a lunch + dessert at Gula Cakery which was expensive. Why do youuuu did thatttt, but anyway thanks a lot. We chilled there around 1+ hours, went to Zuhur prayer and stopped at Starbuck's cafe for more than 2 hours because she still didnt finish her works.

So as the March comes to end, lets see what I got in past month ;


A big congratulation to you both Kak Ain & Abg Pih! Ohh sorry, forgot to add one more person, Congratulation Kak Dijah, you've become Kak Long now! Alhamdulillah everything went well. The baby decided to see the world one week earlier. Hai Luqman NulHakim bin Mohd Hafiz ❤

Went To Batu Pahat for #AzreenXWan

Congratulation to both of youuuu! After a real struggle rowing a boat together in the rough waves, since university and till now, you both make it!!!! I'm sincerely happy & so honor to be there as a witness for your big day. You are sooooo pwetty!

A Long Drive.

I know it's not the first time for me to crazily driving from day to night. I had a non stop driving tour before KL-Perak-Kelantan-Terengganu-KL But seriously, I should pat my back again as I woke upp so early (4AM) to Johor-Melaka-KL and arrived back at 2 in the morning and went to the office at the next day. Dying. But I survived! 

Went to Seremban for #AnisxFikry

Another wedding to attend. #blessed.

Suddenly decide to Balik Kampung AGAIN

My sister & I were making crunchy Almond Florentine Cookies for the first time anddd it was so delicioussssss. It was an easy-making but this cookies was so fragile. Need to add an extra-care caution.


Should I blame the weighing weight? Maybe the machine is broken right?

But sadly...................'s not.

Arrgghhhhhh I gained about 3 kiloooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Dah macam orang beranak tiga dah badan aku ni. Tapi takkk, orang beranak tiga pun lagi ramping. I'm worser. Kena diet kena diet kena dietttt. I can control my meal, but the most impossible thing to stop is chocolate.

I can't. Chocolate cheerish my life. I really cant say no. Tapi...................

My second meal after 2 hours ate creamy spagetti.


Had 2 presentations after a very looooooooooooooooooooooooong period of time I didnt do that. Eventho I'm so nervous I'm really having fun doing it.

A lot of small things happened, for example, officemate's lunch time, teammate enjoying movie together, taking a bus etc etc but there is no fullstop if I've to write everything down. Plus I didnt got to write everything's above in details, so I'll try to frequently update on time next time.

Oh, one more thing before I pen off, I really didnt have enuf time in March to peek on my blog like I always did, but my blog-view went highest in March. I'm so thankful that my words would help youuu guys in seeking an information. This fact delights me to write more! Thank you.


0250AM already.
Pen off.

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