Happy March!

by - March 07, 2018

I supposed to write this post on 1st of March, a week already passed on March, but whatever,

Happy Third Month of 2018!

Happy March everyone!

Time really flies.

Allahuma soiyiban nafiaa,
Ya Allah murahkanlah rezekiku.

It's raining outside, speed up to write this post while waiting the rain to stop and hopefully I'm able to reach the office before 9AM . I find this weather is so lovely and I want to enjoy this cold weather and rain, so I make myself a cup of hot chocolate ☕️

So, today I wanna share my quote of the month. I found this quote is so beautiful, lively and freaking true! I even wrote this quote on my wall so that I wont forget to be happy!

"Everything in life is temporary.
So, If things are going good, enjoy it as it wont last forever,
and if things are going bad, dont worry.
It cant last forever either..."

830AM. Alhamdulillah, the rain is slowly stop, so time to go!

Update : I saw an excident on my way to office just nowww! Rain, blood, crowd and tears.
May Allah ease.

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