by - April 22, 2018

Hi Assalamualaikum...

It's a late night post again.
I want to write a sentence but it seems like i lost in words to write.
I lost in mixed feelings to express.

I just logged in into my email and I got a message....

"The voice that’s always saying “you can’t do this”...”you can’t do that”...”she/he is out of your league"…”
Listen to that voice and my friend, and I can tell you from experience, regrets surely follow.
NOW is the time to do something about it. TODAY is the day you take back control.
"Get comfortable being uncomfortable"

Only God knows how much of things I desperately want to have in my life.
Only God knows how much things I desperately wanna do in my lie.
And only God knows how much achievements I wanna right-ticked in my life.

I desperately want,
But only Him can grant my wish....
I wish to see my dreams come true, to satisfy my family with my achievements.
The things that I cant control. I wish Him to make it real.


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