Dont lose FaiTH

by - June 01, 2014

Allah is Al-Latif . 
HE helps us in a way we never have expected. 
HE helps us in a situation we don't even know we are in danger. 
Most of the times, the test and the sadness 
we feel are the feelings that going to make our heart stronger and wiser. 
Allah is all-knowing, Just because it doesn't go your way, 
doesn't mean it will never get better. 
Allah has convinced us in surah albaqarah verse 216 that 
things we hate might be the best for us and things we love could be bad for us. 

Have faith. 

If everything goes according to what we want it to be , 
life won't be that interesting. 
Heart won't be stronger, we won't be braver to stand up 
for ourselves and we won't be able to appreciate and be appreciated. 

So, whatever comes to you. 
Tell yourself, you're gonna be alright. 
Never leave your solah. 
Remember Allah, Allah will remember you. 
And believe me to believe and remind yourself, 
"Whatever test comes to me right now. It might be the kaffarah of my sins". 
Alhamdulillah and i accept it with all my heart 
if i get punished in this world instead of in akhirah. 

May this become a test that going to make me learn better. 
Give me strength ya Rabb." 


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