Budak baru nak up!

by - April 08, 2014


Okay janji janji promise lepas ni start buat kerja. haha. I'm currently at Uitm's library, doing the assignment to be submit end of this week. Too lazy to do it. Staring for the blank page on microsoft word for an hour, so i decide to regain the mood by sharing a story. agagagaga. loser -.-

I believe if i asked people what candy crush game is, i dont have to explain anything. I believe all the grown up teenager, kids, adult and even a 50 and above years old people have played it. 

To be honest, I never played it before, because there're many  side-effects from that games that i heard. Addicted effect. so, automaticly, i've declared that game as BAD GAME. i dont want to play it, dont want to know about it even dont want to peep when my friends play it. 

haha, see? how die-hard-hater nya ai. haha. 

then the story starts after my friend bought a new phone. She downloads a lot of new games. Excitedly, my friend and I try all of the games. haha. sampai lah kat candy crush game. As I never play it before, so I dont know how to play it. tapi watching my friend plays it so easy, cute, excitedly, and its sound effect so attracting me. haha. I tried it once, failed, try again and after we passed one hard level, I cant deny the satisfaction on it. And then we played it again again and again until the heart (live opportunity) was end. 

A few days later, I download the game on my phone, Honestly, before this I never download a game that is more than 20MB. Candy crush game is 33++MB. terpakse lah jugak eden download. huhu

Today was the second day i'm in love with candy crush. Baru nak masuk level 30. yelah yelah tahu lah ketinggalan zaman gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ada aku kisah? haha. But still then I hope it'll not long lasting. Kuat sangat makan bateri phone. huhu. 

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