#MH370 #529Ikhwanul Muslimin

by - March 26, 2014


1. #prayforMH370
Mohd Najib Tun Razak ‏@NajibRazak  Mar 24

"With deep sadness and regret I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean."

After 17 days of waiting, finally Malaysia make an official announcement regarding to the missing aeroplane. yeah, the news is so heart breaking too many people. But, this is the life, the reality that human should accept. When Allah says, "kun fayakun", the things happened. Not delayed. Same with our ajal, never delayed or faster even for one second.

Deep in my heart, even i donot know a single person there, but i pray, all the muslim and muslimah were placed at Syurga Allah. Semoga mati kamu ini ialah mati syahid.

2. Al-Fatihah to the 529 Ikhwanul Muslimin who were sentenced to death.

Eventho i donow much about the story, but still i read and try to understand the situation happened. Egypt court sentense 529 Muslim to death. Ya Allah, semoga syurga tempat kalian. berjuang untuk islam. 

too many things happened. 
Sungguh aku rasa. 
Dunia dah akhir zaman. 

Allahhu :'

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