should i be ready now ?

by - September 04, 2012

orang cakap, 
but rite now my confident level is not at the optimum it should be . 

HAHA . i've less than a week to take the bus alone 
and travelling far-far away from my comfortable house to continue the meaning of future .
so, lets say goodbye to my best-ever-bed and pillow, delicious food, clean and 
comfort shower and my unallowed disturbed room.

yeahhh . sem three, here i come ! 
*omomo, tadi baru tau, nanti overall ada 9subjects. mesti sumpah padat gile vavas jaduall - -"*

i dont have any self-confident rite now to face with ol de friends actually,
no self-confident to meeting up with the lecturers, 
and the worse ever i dont ready to start back my study yet . 
my brain is still in de beautiful holiday lazy planning mood i guess.

oohhhh, come on noooonnn !

so bad i'm .


all of this is bcooossss . . . . . 

my face is in the bad embarrassing situation.
acnes all over the face ,
seriusly this turn me into zero self confident .  

dulu rasenye takdelah seteruk ni. makin menjadi pulak jerawat ni. 
huhhhh . 

ohh, one more thing, next sem dah kene belajar hidup fully berdikari, 
me start living on the rent house. no more hostel. 
naik bas tahan van, masak nasi goreng sayur, pasang lampu bayar letrik, 
and learn to-be-no-more-spoiled student complaining a lot of things.  
learn to be tough maybe. hikhik :)

dah takde dah makcik cleaner nak datang susun kasut cuci tandas .

and a hot greeting to my new housemates 
let's easily cooperate with each others (:

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