by - September 07, 2012

i've a less than 2 days to gain my weight at home before get to move to continue my study. honestly, i'm not packing any stuff yet . walaupon my mum dah sibuk bising suruh packing, tapi still aku buat dengar tak dengar, 
arghh, too lazy to move, to lazy to pack and too lazy to ride de bus for going back. wish Doraemon is here and bring his pintu sukahati. kalau lah ade bagusnya. i pray for de safety and wish happy journey for all housemate-to-be yang akan berangkat pulang to our 1st rent home tomorrow. Good luck for us. and for my ex-rumate, forgive me because i cant stay longer with all of you. Believe me, it's not even an easy decision for me to do. tahniah sebab approval korang berjaya. (:

my house current condition is not in the good-support-mood to send me back for study. i wish i could stay  a little bit time at home. hope Doraemon still here again. oohhh no! i think i should stop saying that annoying wish. 

hate when my mum when she keep saying, "hmm, lepas ni xdop orang dah nak tolong basuh pinggan" "lepas ni xdop orang dah nak tolong mak buat ni, buat tu", "sunyi nya ekgi, bile semue dah balik". seriusly, after hearing all of this aku rase macam salah aku pulak yang dah nak balik belajar, harhar. sabar k mum, aku faham je how do u feel when your children r not staying near with you. sabar sabar. and to me too, sabar-sabar. aku still lagi rasa nak jaga my daddy until him fully recover and could walk like before.

k lah taknak buat post panjang. selamat malam. (:

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