My Blood Test Result

by - July 10, 2018

Finally it's weekend without any work burden dancing in my head #GodBlesses oh, and yesss Hello July! A half year has passed and now we're entering third quarter of a year! I cant believe it goes a way too fast.  

But, even life get hustle, I still need to find myself here. My self-therapy place ♡

Past 2 weeks were really packed, as I began to work again after coming back from a week of Eid-leave, so (1) there are bunches of work that I need to catch up and finish it fast.
(2) Jaja & I had volunteer ourselves to become a part of #NGID of a day. #ChildrenDignity

(3) We (My operation team & I) had a team outing/team building together. We were playing bowling and had a Japanese buffet for dinner. It really helped us to release stress and strengthen our bonding.
(4) Kak Shida was resigned :( so, we held a small party for her. 

(5) and..............................................I start my diet. and I always cheat 😶 It has been a week and I really have a high respect for those who are really can bear themselves from taking good food in a period of time. It is not eassssssssssyyyy!! I cheated hehe but I'll still continue. #Misiuntukkurus
(6) I've completed 5 days of Puasa Enam Syawal and gonna continue another one day after my period ends.
(7) Went to PPUM to catch up on my blood test's result.

And I gonna talk deeper about my number (7)

- I want to blog in Malay, but idk why I ended up using English walaupun my English sangat terok-

End of last year, I volunteered myself to donate my blood at this one campaign. Everything went well on the blood checking, body weight and so on. So, done! But, a couple of months ago, I got a  letter from PPUM which need me to do the checkup again. I ignored the first letter because I thought it was nothing but later on, I still received the same letter with the warning which really need me to go to the Hospital. I took an emergency leave and did the checkup immediately. Last week, my blood test's result came up. 

The doctor had a serious face and voice tone to inform my result and the HIV procedure's paper was in front of me at that time. I shocked, my heart beat a little faster and I raised my voice high accidentally, "haa? HIV?". "Oh, sorry, sorry you are negative for this one" phewwwwww. Negative means okay. Dont do this again doctor, you dont know what have you done to my brain and heart. So,everything is fine on my previous blood test except I need to take 3-continuous-vaccine to increase my anti body level. Normally, people should pay for that vaccines but because I'm a regular blood donor, so I get it for free. Weeeee~

* I skipped a week to post this draft because all of the photo are gone. Seriously need a new phone.

So, I will end this post here! Till the next time!

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