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by - July 26, 2018

Initially, I wanna update a post about Broga Hill, but I'm internally happy now, so I think I wanna jot this feeling down and this post gonna be more like a dear-diary post. Lama dah tak update life thingy.

Haaiiii Hello everyone! (eventho no one reads this hahaha)

I woke up this morning with the terrible dream (used to be sweet but not anymore), honestly dont get it why still I got a  dream about youuuu continuously! ZZZZzzzzz It's 10.30am right now, so Good morning! It is currently sunny outside, I'm alone in the room and music's on. Love this surrounding!(1) I need to speed up as I'm going to my sister's house later. Why? Because as I woke up earlier, I got a message from my little brother , there is duriansss at my sister's house and I cant wait to eat it (2).

Last weekend was a joyful weekend for me, I used it wholeheartedly!

Saturday - I woke up so early (4.15am) to hike Broga Hill (3) and I ended my day by swimming at Kelana Jaya's pool (4). I'm so happy I did thingssss.

Sunday - I hung up with my best friend, Jihah, which is just two of us. And she's really really cheered me up. Honestly, I still rasa happy until now. Dari awal pagi, as I got enough sleep (5) - supposed to wake up by 8am but I woke up at 930am hahahaha so tiredddd. I went to car wash to wash my car - so happy to have my clean car back (6) after I lent it to my brother and got it back so dirty grrrr.

Back to the story, Najihah & I supposed to meet at Sunway Pyramid separately, but she insisted to pick me from home and I'm so happy to car pool as we will spending more time together chatting & laughing (7). Evento I knew I will have to drive her car (every single time when we're together) but I dont mind because I love driving. We went to the mall, having good foods and watched movie. We watched Korean movie, The Accidental Detective, the first one hour of the movie was so boring but another second one hour barulah banyak action and kelakar part. Kwang Soo's action was never disappointed me. I wish he could be the main lead instead of second-role. We laughed so hard and I really feel so good -u know the feeling after laughing so hard (8). 

We tried two new foods yesterday (9). The first one was 4 Fingers chicken. We picked mix flavour of garlic and hot seasoning- lucky we didnt pick extra hot. It was spicy for me but mild for Jihah. The chicken was soooo salty! It took me so long to finish it. So so so salty! And the second food that I tried was Johny's burger. 

One more happy thing that I did yesterday was I bought new braaaa (10)!! Not one, not two, but three. Hehehe So so so happy finally I found the perfect comfortable one because honestly I'm so choosey and fussy to choose the perfect one. Of course! bukan seringgit dua harga dia. Really cant wait to wash and wear it hihi.

I dont expect this post to goes long, maybe I'm just getting excited by the happy things happened. Can you see me counting the happiness and blessing above? eventho there are still more I didnt listed it. Alhamdulillah.

How to be happy? Stop comparing your life with others and be grateful with the things you have. You are being blessed with the different kind of journey ❤️

It's 11.30am already now, I need to shower and get ready to my sister's house to eat durian, rambutan and manggis, and meet Aisyah tooo!! And guess what? suddenly it is cat and dog raining outside, with the storm and thunder. Allahu soyyiban nafia. Make a dua now!

Got to go! Till the next one!
Tak sabar nak ngapp durian.

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