Been There And Become Stronger

by - June 13, 2018

Hi everyone salam Ramadhan.
How's your Ramadhan going? I just got back from the mosque after Terawih and feeling so wistful because Ramadhan gonna end so soon and I dont get to use it wholly this year :(

Tomorrow gonna be the last terawih and hopefully to see you again next year! My wish is after Ramadhan, I will still continue to do a lot of sunat things I used to do in Ramadhan. My wish goes to you too. Insha-Allah.

I was scrolling on socmed and found this words. I read and got paused for awhile. The words are exactly point to me. So, I decided to nail it on my diary.
This is me. This was me. I'd been there. I'd been in the dark moment before - in which I have felt - I cant freely breath, as both inhaling and exhaling of air were tortured me so much inside.

I'd been there where I got hurt so deep. I'd been there where I almost lose my faith,
and gave up on everything. I had been there where I dont think I can even keep going, because it feel like there's no more place for me that I can see future hope and light.

But as the time goes by, the key to become stronger is to keep going no matter hard it is.
 Keep your faith as Allah is always there and He will make a best way for you. Aku tahu ianya susah, jatuh dan rebah, gelap dan kosong, but it is one of the life's rule.

I'd been there where I felt so broke until I told my mum I wanna end my career, which I realised today I shouldn't ever tell her. because the first top thing is she will worried so much.

If I could, I want to send my love and care to whoever in the difficult time right now, to whoever facing the difficult and dark moment. Keep going stronger no matter hard it is, even when you have to walk with your hand. It's okay to be sad in order to reflect yourself. All the molecules have their own breaking point before they change to the next phase so also our heart mind a body. Dont look back, the one that hurt you cant heal you. Find the new hope, find the new air.

Keep faith and dont stop praying. The dark time gonna passed.

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