Life Quick Update

by - February 19, 2018

It's so good to be home!!

Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I didn't have a chance to update my progress here. There are a lot of things hovering inside my mind but lately after getting home from office I felt so tired and dozed off earlier. Since I'm at Kampung right noww and I've a little free time (mommy is already sleeping beside me) I'm gonna pour out a few things quickly.

  • After 1+ months yeayyyy here I'm! balik kampung for 6 days! - Spending a lot of time with Aisyah since she was easy to care, she didn't like to cry and whine - obviously took after me =p
  • Spending time with the big Family & having picnic at the beach
  • Before going home last week, I made a quick list about the foods that I was craving and told my mum & my sis about it, I listed 4 type of foods and woowww! Alhamdulillah! I got all of them! - Separate post bout the foods (hopefully)
  • My memory card suddenly lost its memoriessss and I lost a lot of pictures, videos and files, A LOOTTTT, my recent pictures I took which I didnt manage to transfer it yet, also lost. I was sad but hmm ada baik nya jugeks kalau tak sampai forever aku tak clean up aku punya phone.
  • Oh, I must take my third (final) HPV injection tomorrow. Ahh forgot to make a phone call.
  • We went to my brother's house yesterday - Kak Ain cant travel for far as she's waiting for her baby delivery - and we cooked variety of meals, went to beach, went to KCM and I got to hangout with Irdina. Missed her so baddd, she is a big girl alreadddyy huwaaa 🍼
  • My period is late for a week nowwwww ahhh I'm so stresseddd!
  • Recently finished The Jugglers, currently watching I'm Not A Robot & repeating She's So Loveable and cant to watch Wise Prison Life ♡
  • Acnes ARE healthy on my face skin right now! Sh*t 🚧
  • I run out a lot of money this month. Seriously, I spent a lot this month. (Insurance motor RM200+, baiki motor RM200+, skin RM800+ etc etc) I started to use my saving to survive. And I stressed a lot about this too. My saving still doesn't achieve the target aihh hopefully I can cover it back and manage it well for the incoming monthsss 💰💰💰
  • Finally, no re-run for Feb's production! (work)
  • Ohhh yesss, I started to ride my lovely motorcycle to work. In the beginning, I was a bit scary, but now I guessed its getting better.
  • I reached out someone to settle down my personal problem (in guard for 2 weeks now and counting) Thanks MN, only Allah can repay back the kindness you did to me
  • Stupid thing is I cried again.
  • Getting excited for two incoming trips! Aihhh semua kengkawan dah settle down. I bilo?
The thing that I pray hard to go well is my saving as I'm so worried bout my financial huwaaaa. I still need a few things to have - bridemaids dress, new powerbank, watch, my motorcycle's foloup-maintainence, renewing my car's roadtax...... aihhhhh seriously risauuuuuuuuu pray the best for me please ✌

Okehh till then! I need to sleep nowww

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