by - December 26, 2013

Sometimes I think subhanAllah. You live and share your life with a person, experience so much together, laughter and tears. And with Allah’s will there comes one day where the person you love so much fades away from your life. All that which is left are the memories you’ve created together. You can sit and think about the memories day and night, but they will still not bring that person back to life. You will never experience somethings together again in the dunya. Imagine one day we all will go away. Death will reach us! And what all those who loves us are left with are the memories. It is really important to make time for your friends and family. I realize that sometimes we get so busy with everything from school, work and training that we forget to make time for those around us. It is really important to set aside time - give of your time. 
We humans often expect to get more than giving. I remember reading about a woman in the Prophet’s time (peace be upon him) which was known for her long arms. At first I thought ‘hehe subhanallah, she was known because she had long arms’, but as I continued to read I read that she became known for her long arms because she gave with her right hand without her left hand knowing. She gave without seeing what she gave. SubhanAllah, she was known for long arms - because she gave so much. MashaAllah, by just reading it makes me smile. Think how lucky she will be in the akhira, inshaAllah. Think about us (a small example), when we sit in the mosque and want to give, what do we do? Have we ever put our hand in our wallet and just gave what our hand took up? Has anyone come to us and asked to get something without us giving it a second thought? Do we ever think of ‘okay, today I must do this and that and give this time to him/her? Sometimes we get so busy with every day routine and forget those around us. We should give from our time to both the old and the young. We really should give more time for the wonderful people Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has blessed us with in our lives. Because there will come a day, where we will regret why we didn’t gave more time for exactly that person, but that will perhaps be too late.
And indeed every soul shall taste death. May we remember to make dua for ourself, for our family, for our friends, for those who are sick, for those who have passed away, for those who need it the most, for Allah’s messengers, for Prophet Muhammad (saw), for us to be led on the right path, and for us to be all together in Paradise one day, ameen Ya Rabbal 3alamiin. ♥


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