First Interview

by - September 12, 2014

From my opinion, everyone needs to has an experience of being interviewed.
It's an important stage for the company to interview people before empolyeed them. 
They need to find their advantages and required skills. 
And it's also very important for interviewee to know more about the company and to evaluate that company's work environment before joining them.

Yestetday was the 1st time I'm being interview by the company. 
Actually I'm not too hoping for the job but I'm seeking for the "interview experience". 
After of what I have been go through yesterday, it's really really open my eyes and my mind to be more prepared for the coming interview. 
InsyaAllah. it's not easy to get the fix position nowadays I tell youuuuu!
The questions were very unexpected.

Physical and mentally you should be more than prepare. 
And the 1st time being interview was really really make me realized. 

It's not an easy task.

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